ReVersed Festival

The ReVersed festival is all about games!

Our festival is an event for kids of all ages. A place where parents, children, friends, game enthusiasts and developers can gather over the course of four days and have a unique experience in the world of games.

The festival-goers have the opportunity to discover a variety of virtual reality scenes, embark on fantastic journeys through storytelling games, defeat dragons in new concept board games, go through a journey in space with a single player video game, and much more!

The festival offers its audience the possibility to attend workshops on digital and mechanical game creation. Game developers are invited to partake in our yearly Game Jam to win a cash prize!

A live stream show with our renowned hosts interviewing the developers is broadcasted during each day of the festival on

Finally, the festival is also a venue welcoming academic and buisness professionals who share their experiences, which will be happening during a special B2B event alongside the festival.