verse publications has been working to improve the Austrian games industry since 2015

Started when owner & founder Tom De Roeck brought his first game to market, The Shopkeeper, lead to organising the Radius Festival in Vienna, in 2015. Taking over and founding his own brand, ReVersed, in 2017. Professional consulting & workshops started shortly after the first Radius Vienna, and lead to an increased network of games industry professionals. In late 2016, the founder was asked to take over IGDA Vienna, an international community chapter in Vienna, and made it a national chapter to support all regions.



Fast forward to current day: ReVersed is the biggest Austrian games business event, growing bigger every iteration. Now working with Steelmedia Ltd., founders of the biggest mobile games conference in Europe, this is leading us new and exciting business opportunities.
Starting in 2018, verse publications GmbH has extended its' services to passing on expert knowledge and incubation.


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