In the beginning, there was Tom De Roeck, director & film editor, who created “verse publications”, a group with the intention of making games, films, workshops, robots and host events.

With verse publications, the passion for games was the source of many projects which lead to the creation of their first unannounced game called "The Fleet"

On screen design is wonderful, but as time has shown, we can create just about anything; Tom De Roeck and his team have created the multiple award winning Minecraft Cocktailbot, the first of its kind, which plunges the player into swedish developer Mojang’s Minecraft world to find blocks of drinks that’ll be served to him through the floppy drive of the computer. The Minecraft Cocktailbot has been showcased in multiple venues from the UK to Vienna.

Other projects include workshops; The scriptwriting & storytelling workshops have included Jane Espenson, Richard Dansky, Ed Stern and others.These workshops have been offering the public a comprehensive walkthrough of writing for games or TV, conceptualising dialogue, how to find your creativity in a team and many more subjects.

Finally, verse publications is responsible for expanding UK’s Radius Festival to Vienna, Austria. For two years, verse publications has organized this festival to offer a free of charge platform to all game developers worldwide. Game developers were invited to come to MuseumsQuartier in the heart of Vienna to showcase their games to a wide ranging audience. Spread over the course of four days, the participants had the opportunity to meet fellow members of the game creation community, and in parallel to the festival, we offered a Game Jam with a cash prize.