Former Workshop March ’18

*** Game Design Masterclass***

Tabletop Game Design Workshop: James Wallis will run a three-hour workshop on creating and designing board- and card-games. The evening will cover what games are and how they work, where ideas come from, how to understand and use game mechanics, and how to test and revise a design. You will create a tabletop game from scratch, observe it being playtested, and improve your design based on the players’ feedback. You’ll also play and evaluate two other games. By the end of the evening you’ll have a new understanding of games, and created a complete, playable game that you can take home.

The workshop is aimed at anyone interested in tabletop games and how they’re made. It’s also useful for digital game designers who want to learn how to paper-prototype their ideas.

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About James Wallis

James has been designing games for over twenty-five years, and is best known for Once Upon a Time (Atlas/Pegasus) and The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Fantasy Flight Games). He runs the games consultancy Spaaace, and lectures on game design and game narrative at London South Bank University.